What foreigners don’t like in Russia?

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What foreigners don’t like in Russia? This question was addressed to an expert group of sociologists. They studied this question and presented their survey. According to the survey, foreigners face with several difficulties in Russia.

The majority of all complaints (about 50%) are caused by the difficulties in communication and finding the place of destination.

15-20% foreigners are not satisfied with the quality of service (transfer, accommodations, excursions etc.)

10-15% foreigners complain that they can’t get necessary information.

The main problem is that most Russians don’t speak Basic English.
Such troubles like theft, accident, plane or train delay, problems in the hotels may happen to any foreign guest. Troubles may become even worse because of low quality service and careless attitude to the customers.

In addition, infrastructure of many Russian cities is not developed enough to receive foreign guests. Usually foreigners face with the absence of good service, means of communication and access to the necessary information. Almost all guide signs are written in Russian in the capitals of Russia. Tourists can hardly find an inquiry office to get information or help they need. 24 hour inquiry offices exist only in plans and projects.