Koltsovo: From Ekaterinburg Koltsovo Airport to Hotels or Apartments / Yekaterinburg-Kolsovo

This article is about How to go to Ekaterinburg hotels from Koltsovo Airport

Koltsovo International Airport in Ekaterinburg is the fifth largest airport of Russia.
1,4 million people are transported via airport Koltsovo annually. There are two terminals in the Yekaterinburg Airport. One terminal is for internal flights, another one is international terminal.
Koltsovo Airport is located 16 km southeast from Ekaterinburg (56°45′00″N, 60°48′18″E) and linked to the city by highways.
You can get Ekaterinburg by means of public transport, as well as by means of private transport.

1. Publick Transport Koltsovo-Ekaterinburg

Public transport includes buses and minivans. There are a few bus stops close by Ekaterinburg airport. Bus transportation is quite safe and not expensive.
* Bus №1 Koltsovo Railway Station - Koltsovo Airport - Sverdlovsk (Ekaterinburg Central) Railway Station; Operating hours: 6.50-23.00
* Bus №167 Koltsovo Airport - bus terminal – Central Air Communication Agency
* Yellow minivan: Koltsovo Airport - Sverdlovsk (Ekaterinburg Central) Railway Station
Operating hours: 7.00-22.00

2. Private transport Kolsovo - Ekaterinburg

Private transport includes services of private drivers and private transfer (taxi, hotel transfer service, travel agency transfer service)
* Private drivers – car owners, meet tourist near the airport. They offer to take you to Ekaterinburg and usually their fare is lower than taxi fare. Though, this journey is not safe, especially for foreign tourists.
* Taxi. There is 24-hours taxi company desk in International Terminal of Koltsovo. It is safe to travel by taxi to Ekaterinburg though a bit pricy. Be sure that you know Russian spelling of address in Ekaterinburg you travel to.
* Your can always order transfer, which is usually arranged by local travel agencies transfer services. They provide rapid and reliable taxi transfer from Ekaterinburg International airport to Ekaterinburg hotels and back. This transfer is available 24 hours a day, furthermore it is comfortable and safe. It guarantees your meeting at the airport. You can get discount for transfer if you book hotel via travel agency like uralterra.com for many days. You don’t have to stress over your transfer if your flight is late or if it lands early. Drivers will meet you in the airport terminal and deliver to any destination. Your can always choose car brand – from simple Russian sedan till business E class Mercedes. If you plan to travel to Ekaterinburg, you can order and pay transfer in advance.

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