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Ekaterinburg is one of the major hubs. Ekaterinburg has a well-developed transportation system. It is a big and important transport junction. Ekaterinburg is served by two airports the International Airport Koltsovo and the smaller local Uktus Airport. Ekaterinburg is an important railway junction of Trans-Siberian Railway, with 7 lines radiating to all parts of the Urals and other parts of Russia.
There is a system of public transport, including buses, trams, trolleybuses, taxies, route taxies and the Metro. Commuter railway and suburban buses connect Ekaterinburg with the satellite towns, villages and resorts. Ekaterinburg takes the 3d place by city passenger traffic after Moscow and St. Petersburg. The Metro system, trams, trolleybuses and buses connect all city’s districts and its suburbia.

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1. City Public Transport of Ekaterinburg, Russia

City public transportation includes above-ground (trams, trolleybuses, buses, route taxis) and underground (the Metro) transport.

Above-ground transportation operates from 6.00 till 24.00. Fare is collected through the sale of special tickets. One ticket (for a single one-way trip) in buses, trolleybuses and trams costs RUR 8.00 (about $0.3), it can be obtained right in the vehicle from conductors. Route taxies (mini-buses) circulate along all main routes - as a rule, from 7.00 till 22.00. Fare is from RUR 10.00 till 15.00 (about $0,5).
There are about 32 tram routes in the city, 19 trolleybus routes and more than 50 bus rotes. Tram line’s length is more than 180 km, bus line’s length is about 150 km. Recently, a new tram, produced at one of Ekaterinburg factory, appeared on the tram line.
As for underground transportation, the Metro system functions in the city. It has 7 stations and one line, running north-south. New stations are under construction at the moment. There are plans to extend this line and add two new lines running east-west and south east-north west.

2. Ekaterinburg Taxi

Taxi is also available. It’s very comfortable especially when public transport is crowded. The fare is about RUR 100-300 per hour. Taxi from Airport Koltsovo is rather expensive. Some hotels maintain their own fleets of cabs for their clients, but they charge a considerably higher fare. It is not recommend using the services of private car owners.

3. Ekaterinburg Suburban Buses

Bus is one of the most comfortable means of transportation. Busses run city routes as well as connect the city with other towns in the suburb. Thus one can get satellite-towns and resorts (Lake Baltym, Lake Chusovoe) from Ekaterinburg.

There are two main bus stations, the South Bus Station and the North Bus Station.
a. The South Bus Station
Address: 145, Vosmoe Marta Street, Ekaterinburg 620142.
Suburban busses run to the following towns: Aramil, Bobrovsky, Bolshoy Istok, Verhnyay Sysert, Degtyarsk, Zarechy, Polevskoy
b. The North Bus Station (Auto-Express 1 Ltd)
Address: 15, Vokzalnaya Street, Ekaterinburg 620107.
There are bus routes to Alapaevsk, Asbest, Verhnaya Salda, Irbit, Kamensk-Uralsky, Krasnoturinsk, Nigny Tagil, Serov, Aramil, Degtyarsk, Zarechny, Polevskoy, Sysert
The Bus Station is 100m from the Railway Station

4. Railway Transportation of Ekaterinburg

Ekaterinburg is one of the biggest railway junctions of the country. The railway station serves different directions, it is especially important for east and west directions on the Trans Siberian Railway.
Ekaterinburg has daily trains to Vladivostok, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Habarovsk, Pekin, Omsk, Ulan-Bator. Trains go to the south direction through Kamensk-Uralsky, Chelyabinsk, Orenburg. There are trains to the north through Nigniy Tagil, Kackanar, Priobje, Serov, Severouralsk.
Also, there are commuter trains to the towns of the Sverdlovsk Oblast.
The Central Railway Station is called Sverdlovsk-Passagirsky. It has two buildings with all passenger facilities: ticket booths, waiting room, bar, departures and arrivals boards, left-luggage, lost-and-found, toilets, shower rooms, lounge, video room on the second floor, taxi ranks. Except taxi ranks, there are buses, trolleybuses, trams and route taxis stops. There is also the metro station Uralskaya close by.
One can get any town of the Sverdlovsk Oblast and Russian Federation from Ekaterinburg but this way if transportation is not fast. For example, it will take you 2 hours by plane and 24 hours by train to get Moscow.
Address: intersection of Cheluskintsev Street, Vokzalynay Street, 22 and Square of Ural Volunteer Tank Corpse.

5. Ekaterinburg Airport and Airlines

Taking into consideration vast territory of the country, one can say that plane is the most convenient and the quickest means of transport.
The city is served by the International Koltsovo Airport, which carries both domestic and international flights, and the smaller Uktus Airport.
Ekaterinburg, being the capital of the Sverdlovsk Oblast and the Ural Federal District, has favourable geographical and political position. These factors define strategic importance of the city as an air transport hub. It links Europe with the dynamic developing countries of South-East Asia.
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5.1. Koltsovo Airport. about 20 km from Ekaterinburg

The major city airport is Koltsovo. Today, Koltsovo Airport (SVX) is called the air gateway of the Urals. Koltsovo International Airport in Ekaterinburg is the fifth largest airport in Russia
1,4 million people are transported via airport Koltsovo annually. Staff of the International Airport of Ekaterinburg includes about 3000 people. Lately, the International Airport Koltsovo acquired hub status.
There are many direct flights from many countries to Ekaterinburg and back.
Tourists can travel to/ from Ekaterinburg with the help of connecting flights. You can fly to/from Ekaterinburg through Moscow. There are many direct flights during the day – Ekaterinburg-Moscow-Ekaterinburg.
Address: Koltsovo Airport, Ekaterinburg, 620025
Tel. 007 343 2249924
You can get Ekaterinburg from airport by means of public transport, as well as by means of private transport
Bus №1 "airport - train station"
Bus№167, 168 "airport - city center"
Yellow minivan: “airport – railway station”
Taxi stand is also near the airport.
We do not recommend you to hire private drivers and take private taxi as it is not safe.
We recommend ordering transfer beforehand at the hotel, where you stay or at your travel agent. It is the most convenient and safe way to reach destination and get good service.

5.2. Uktus Airport serves domestic directions

Address: Uktus Airport, Ekaterinburg, 620010
Tel. 007 343 2219111, fax 007 343 2273276

6. Roads of Ekaterinburg, Russia

They say, Russian roads leave much to be desired, though the roads could be worse, if Ekaterinburg were not the third Russian capital. Roads network is well developed. Municipal service is responsible for the roads maintenance. Roads are regularly repaired and cleared away from snow in winter time. It’s planned to improve roads function by reducing number of cars. New detour roads will be built in future.

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