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Ekaterinburg Tours. #1: Tour to Europe & Asia Border in Ekaterinburg

Don’t miss the chance to be in Europe and Asia at the same time. This tour will allow you to stand on the border of two great continents.
Our guide will take you to the border of Europe and Asia. The frontier between Europe and Asia goes near Ekaterinburg and crosses the part of the city’s territory. Now several signposts mark the Europe-Asia frontier.

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Tour To Europe and Asia Border. Tour Details

You will visit the oldest obelisk, which was erected in 1837, in 40 kilometers from Ekaterinburg. You will be able to stand with one foot in Asia and another foot in Europe. Don’t forget to take a shot of this unique moment!
On the way to the obelisk, you will halt at the Memorial devoted to Victims of Political Repressions.

Ekaterinburg tour time-table:
10:50 am - meeting at your hotel
11:00 am - departure with a bilingual guide, storytelling
11:30 am - stop at the Memorial devoted to Victims of Political Repressions
11:50 am - back in the car and towards the border
12:10 pm - final stop and a 5 minute walk through Russian pine forest that leads to the hill and to the monument at Border between Europe and Asia
12:40 pm - ride back through typical Russian village
13:10 pm - arrival at your hotel

Tour Duration: till 3 hours
Tour Season: all the year round
Number of Tourists: up to 56
Vehicle: car, mini-bus, bus
Language: Russian, English

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Ekaterinburg Tours. #2: Ural Stones and Jewelry Ekaterinburg Tours. Stones of Ural Mountains

During 3 centuries the Urals is considered to be the centre of all possible precious, semi-precious and decorative stones.
Also the Ural Region won world-wide recognition as the centre of stone cutting and jewelry arts. This tour will give your opportunity to see Ural stones and exquisite jewelry with your own eyes.

Ekaterinburg Tour Description

The Ural region reported it to be a “Paradise of Natural Resources”: ferrous and non-ferrous metals, various minerals, precious and semi-precious stones. All these treasures you will see in the Museum of Geology with your own eyes. It is the 2nd largest and most significant Russian museums specializing in Ural mining and mineralogy. Apart from stones and cutting stones art, the Ural region undoubtedly holds dominant positions in sophisticated and exquisite art of jewelry. You will be able to see the astonishing masterpieces of Ural craftsmen in the State Stone-Cutting and Jeweller’s Art History Museum in Ekaterinburg. This museum is visited by 110000 people annually and exhibits unique expositions of gold and silver ware, malachite, and contains samples of past and modern jeweler’s art.

Time-Table of Tour (specify actual tour details from Travel operator)
12:50 - meeting at the hotel with the guide
12:00 - departure to the Museum of Geology
12:30 – excursion about the museum
13:15 – departure to the State Stone-Cutting and Jeweller’s Art History Museum
13:40 - excursion about the State Stone-Cutting and Jeweller’s Art History Museum
14:40 – departure to the hotel

Tour Duration: 3 hours
Tour season: all the year round
Number of tourists: up to 10
Vehicles: in a car (sedan or mini-van) and by foot
Language: Russian, English

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