Ekaterinburg VS Sverdlovsk. Maybe Yekaterinburg?

Ekaterinburg AND Sverdlovsk in Russia

It is Russian city with many names ....

Yekaterinburg, Jekaterinburg city, Ekaterinbourg, Ekaterinburgo

The capital of the Urals Federal District and Sverdlovsk Oblast, the third biggest city of Russia, Ekaterinburg was founded almost 300 years ago, to be more precise it was founded in 1723. During three centuries, the city has changed its name several times. The city was founded by the order of Tsar Peter the Great and named after Saint Catherine, the namesake of Peter the Great's wife, Empress Ekaterina I (Yekaterina, Catherine). Peter carried out a policy of Westernization and that's why many cities acquired names in European manner: "˜Ekaterin" (in the honor of Ekaterina I) and "burg" (means "˜city").

The word "˜Ekaterinburg" has three variants of spelling. It can be transliterated like "Yekaterinburg" and "Jekaterinburg" or "Ekaterinbourg". All these variants are possible.

Soon after the Russian Revolution of 1917 most Russian cities were renamed after the leaders of Bolshevik party and Ekaterinburg was renamed into Sverdlovsk in 1924. Yakov Sverdlov was the Bolshevik party leader and Soviet official. The city was known as Sverdlovsk till 1991. In 1991 the Soviet Union was dissolved, cities got their old names, which they had in the times of Russian Empire. Ekaterinburg also got its original name. It happened in September, 1991. These facts about the city's names explain one contradiction. They explain why the city of Ekaterinburg is the capital of Sverdlovsk Oblast.
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