Ekaterinburg hotels types

According to the quality of service and a number of optional facilities and services, all hotels can be divided into 6 groups. The cost and quality of hotels are usually indicative of the range and type of services available.

Big Ural Hotel Ekaterinburg

Novotel Ekaterinburg

1. Business-hotels and boutique hotels of Ekaterinburg

These Ekaterinburg hotels make 24% of Ekaterinburg hotel industry. They are oriented on business tourists. Boutique Ekaterinburg hotels provide an exceptional and personalized level of accommodation, services and facilities. Atrium-Palace hotel, Hyatt Regency Ekaterinburg, Novotel Ekaterinburg, Park Inn by Residor SAS, Ekaterinburg Premier Hotel, Magister hotel, Trans Hotel, Alezandrovsky Park hotel, Grand-Avenue Hotel, Voznesensky hotel, Ramada Yekaterinburg, Angelo Airport hotel can be refers to this group.

2. Middle Class Ekaterinburg hotels

Middle Class Ekaterinburg hotels make up 13% of the hotels. Hotels of this group have sufficient number of rooms, average quality of service. They are in popular demand due to budget prices. These hotels are designed for business tourists and tourist groups. Among these hotels are Ekaterinburg-Tsentralny hotel, Iset-hotel, Octyabrskaya hotel, Moscovskya Gorka hotel, Home Hotel, City Hotel, Suite hotel, Onegin Plaza, Richmond Ekaterinburg, Senator, Grand-Hall, Green Park hotel, Eurohotel.

3. Ekaterinburg hotels founded in Soviet time. (Ekaterinburg was Sverdlovsk)

Hotels build in Soviet times make up 28% of all Ekaterinburg hotels. These hotels have old rooms, below the average service, a few facilities or their absence. In fact, most of these hotels are more like hostels, some of them are partly reconstructed. Mostly, these hotels are for tourist groups, pupils, students, sportsmen. Such hotels as Bolshoy Ural (Big-Ural hotel), Circus Actors hotel, Protex, Sverdlovsk hotel belong to this group.

4. Budget Ekaterinburg hotels

These health resorts and centre, sport-hotels make up about 14% hotels. These hotels are situated in the suburbs and offer health or sport services. Hotels of this group are for sportsmen and those who want to get treatment in sanatoriums or just have a rest. Hermitage hotel, AVS hotel, Dynamo hotel, Izumrud hotel, Rings hotel refer to this group. Hermitage hotel also has conference services.

5. Trading Centers Hotels in Ekaterinburg

Hotels in the trading-entertainment centers (TEC) make up 9% of hospitality industry: Ekaterininskaya, Luna-2000, Antey, Taganskaya. Hotels of this group are situated in the buildings designed for other purposes. Usually they occupy 1-3 floors of a TEC and don't offer their own facilities and services, but advertise TEC's services. They don't have a team and are not very popular with tourists.

6. Ekaterinburg Mini-hotels

Mini-hotels make 12% of hospitality industry in Ekaterinburg. These hotels are also situated in the buildings, designed for other purposes. Usually they occupy a few floors of apartment houses. They do not provide other additional guest services. These hotels are oriented on different groups of tourists. Kolosok hotel, Inter-Hotel, Akvamarin, Protex hotel, Shartash, Fort, Vneshservice (Inerservice) , Zoloto-Platina, Chetire Sesona (Four Seasons), Galant-Hotel, Zolotoy Kluch (Golden Key), Karpey, Medrelax mini-hotel (3 rooms), Osto, Respect-hall hotel, Transagenstvo hotel, Sokol refer to this group.

Mainly, hotel services are popular among foreigners (citizens of Germany, France, Great Britain, Switzerland, USA and other countries) and tourists from Moscow.
Representatives of travel agencies in Ekaterinburg, who work in the inner tourism segment, state that Ekaterinburg lacks hotels of 2 and 3 stars category. In their opinion, a standard room should cost no more than 70-90$, breakfast is included (buffet).

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