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Yekaterinburg (Ekaterinburg). City information and Yekaterinburg hotels description.

Yekaterinburg is the capital of the Ural District. It's is the regional financial, administrative and trading centre with scientific potential. According to researches of Russian Rating Agency "Expert RA", Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region (oblast) take leading position among other regions of Russia due to a favorable investment climate. Russian Rating Agency "Expert PA" together with International Rating Agency "Standard and PA" estimated investment activity of the city and the region. They characterize Sverdlovsk Region as "a region with high investment potential under a moderate rate of risk".

Firstly, a number of socio-economical activates of Yekaterinburg's development demonstrate positive economical processes. They are: developing consumers market, growth of population's income, increasing profit of big and small enterprises, growth of foreign trade turnover. Service industry is developing and it contributes to the hospitality service development.

Secondly, different administrative settings (representative office of Ministry of foreign Affairs of RF, Ural Custom House) and representative offices of foreign countries and international organizations (Consulates general of the USA, Great Britain, Germany embassy, British Council, coordinating board TASIS) function in Yekaterinburg. Business tourism is developing due to a number of enterprises, pavilions and show-rooms in Ekaterinburg.
Besides, Yekaterinburg is in the list of 10 most attractive Russian regions from the tourist point of view. Now the administration of the city works out the program. According to this program tourism arrivals are expected to increase, thus, there will be 1.211.000 tourists in 2015.

Transport in Yekaterinburg.

Transport system also contributes to increases in arrivals to Yekaterinburg. Transport system includes rail, bus and airline services. Yekaterinburg Airport "Koltsovo" occupies leading position in transit traffic sector and it is considered to be one of the biggest Russian airport, which, recently, got Hub Status. The airport's reconstruction provides increases in arrivals, thus stimulating economy development.
All this factors attract a great number of business tourists, who arrive to Yekaterinburg every day.

Some General Info About Yekaterinburg hotels, Russia

Development of a tourism industry leads to hotel service development.
There are about 60 Yekaterinburg hotels (including mini-hotels of Yekaterinburg), a number of hotel rooms is about 2,5 thousands. Moreover, 40% of hotel service is provided by rental apartments and cottages.

According to Dmitry Nozhenko, a chairman of the City's Consumer Services Committee, there is a lack of hotels in Yekaterinburg. It makes 1,5 hotel room per 1 000 inhabitants. For comparison, these figures are different in Moscow and in St. Petersburg. There is 8,1 hotel rooms in Moscow and 2,9 hotel rooms in St. Petersburg per 1000 inhabitants.

In accordance with Strategic Plan of Yekaterinburg hotels service development, there will be 90 various Yekaterinburg hotels built till 2015. Yekaterinburg hotels capacity will increase from 53% in 2002 to 64% in 2015.

City's government is oriented on business-class hotels building. As a rule, business-class hotels are 3-4 star Yekaterinburg hotels, mostly for foreign tourists.
There is a tendency of the steady increase in the number of hotel rooms in the city. The number of rooms increased in 26,1% in 2004 in comparison with 2003. In 2004-2006, about 500 rooms appeared in Yekaterinburg: Home Hotel (27), Alexandrovsky Park Hotel of Yekaterinburg (12), Taganskaya hotel(120), Luna-2000 (37), Antey hotel(12), Eurohotel hotel(25), Rings hotel(22), Ekaterinburg Park inn hotel(160), Grand Avenue Hotel (60), Voznesensky hotel(68), Vizavi hotel (49) and a number of mini-hotels such as Vnesh-Service, Tatiana hotel, Karpey and other mini-hotels.

A new building of Yekaterinburg Moscow Hill Hotel with 110 rooms is open for tourists. Besides, new buildings of Yekaterinburg Atrium Palace Hotel and City Hotel will be in use since 2007.
In the near future, the Hotel of Yekaterinburg Diocese, the hotels VIZ-Pravobereghny, Metaline, Gaztour and the hotels of the Protea Hotels Company will be in use.
A new 5-star hotel with 300 rooms will be built on the territory of Yekaterinburg City-Centre by 2008. This Yekaterinburg hotel will be built under management of the international hotel operator Hyatt (Hyatt Regency Yekaterinburg- one of two 5 star Yekaterinburg hotels). Besides, French Hotel Company Accor is supposed to manage the construction of Transhotel new building. It will build under brand Novotel.

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