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1. Brief Tour Info about Yekaterinburg city tour:

If you want to look at sights of historical and cultural significance in Yekaterinburg, you are welcome to join this excursion. You will see the most beautiful architectural monuments, historical places and learn about Yekaterinburg history and culture.

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Yekaterinburg CityTour Description:

Our guide will take you from Central Square to the Historical Center. You’ll go to the Dam – the heart of the city and visit Historical Square. There you will have a look at the Monument to Fathers-Founders of the city and walk along the bank of the Iset River, which is framed by the oldest architectural buildings of the city. On the way you will feast your eyes upon the luxurious Governor’s Residence and proceed to the Ascension Church, the oldest church of the city. Besides this church you will see Cathedral on the Blood recently erected right on the place where Romanovs were executed. Then you will admire the most beautiful architectural ensemble of Kharitonov-Rastorguev Manor House, modern style City Symphony Hall and poetic atmosphere of Literary Quarter. Our guide will tell you about history, culture and other facts of the old and modern city Yekaterinburg.

11:50 meeting at your hotel
12:00 a walk to the Central Square
12:15 a stop at the Central Square, guide’s story and a walk to the Dam
12:45 a stop at the Dam, a walk along Historical Square
13:00 departure to the Ascension Church and a stroll along the embankment
13:30 arrival to the Ascension Church and excursion about Kharitonov-Rastorguev Manor House Park
13:50 visit to the Cathedral on the Blood and a walk along Literary Quarter
14:10 departure to the hotel
14:30 arrival to the hotel

Tour Duration: 2,5 hours
Tour Season: all the year round
Number of Tourists: 1-10
Vehicles: in a car (sedan or mini-van) and on foot
Language: Russian, English

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Tour 2: Mysteries of the Last Romanovs' Family

Everybody knows a sorrowful story of the last Russian Tsar Nikolas II and his Family, whose murder has lead to complete transformation of Russia’s past and present. This tour will allow you to penetrate into the tragic and catastrophic events of Tsar Family death.

Yekaterinburg Tour Description

Our guide will tell you about Nicholas II and his family, whose story is the subject of incessant scientific, religious, and mystic interest since 1918 till nowadays.
You will visit the ex-place of Ipatev House, a place there Romanovs were imprisoned and spent their last days. After Romanovs execution there, this house acquired bad fame and only in the 21st Cathedral on Blood in Yekaterinburg was erected on the place to commemorate Tsar Family. After a visit to Cathedral on Blood you will follow the route of the Bolsheviks to the forest and see the monastery of Holy Majestic Martyrs at Ganya’s Pit, a place where Romanovs' bodies were burnt in a mine. Monastery Complex at Ganya’s Pit is a quiet and beautiful nook with 7 wooden churches on its territory. All churches built without a single nail.

10:50 am - meeting at your hotel (Choose Yekaterinburg hotels on our web)
11:00 am - departure with a bilingual guide to Church on Blood
11:30 am – arrival and visit to the Cathedral
12:00 pm – departure to Monastery of Holy Majestic Martyrs Ganya’s Pit
12:30 pm – excursion about the Monastery Complex
13:30 pm – departure to the city
14:00 pm – arrival at the hotel

Yekaterinburg Tour Duration: till 3 hours
Tour Season: all the year round
Number of Tourists: 10
Vehicles: car, minibus, bus
Language: Russian, English

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Tour 3: Bazhov Fairy Tales

Tour in Yekaterinburg. Ural region won international recognition for its gems and jewelry art. Gold and semiprecious stones were found here. The Ural writer, a collector of fairy tales and legends P. Bazhov wrote a lot about Ural nature, famous Ural semiprecious stones and Ural people. We invite you to have a look at Ekaterinburg from his point of view. The tour will begin with a visit to the United Museum of Ural Writers. It unites three museums dedicated to three Ural writers (Museum of Bazhov is among them) and a professional Chamber Theater. It is located in the Literary Quarter, a quiet nook, that will make you think you traveled two centuries back. Then you will visit a unique House-Museum of Bazhov. It’s located on the same place, where the writer lived and wrote his stories, all his households things as well as the spirit of old times are preserved there. After that you will drive to the Museum of Stone. There you will see samples of stones from all over the world and famous Ural gems. Their beauty Bazhov described in his fairy tales.
Yekaterinburg Tour time-table:

10:50 – meeting at your hotel and departure to the Literary Quarter
11:00 – a walk through the Literary Quarter and visit to the United Museum of Ural Writers 11:30 – departure to the House-Museum of Bazhov
11:45 – arrive at the Museum of Bazhov, excursion
12:15 – departure to Museum of Stone
12:30 - arrive at the Museum of Stone
13:00 – the end of a tour.

Yekaterinburg Tour Duration: 2 hours
Tour Season: All the year round
Number of Tourists: up to 4
Vehicle: car,
Language: English, Russian

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