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Where is Jekaterinburg?

Jekaterinburg known as the capital of the Ural District. Jekaterinburg is the capital of Sverdlovsk Oblast which is the part of Ural Federal District. Jekaterinburg is situated on the Ural Mountains. Ural mountains separate Siberia of Russia (on the east) and Central part of Russia on the west. Ural mountains and Jekaterinburg on it separate Europe from Asia. If you want to travel to Europe and Asia border visit Jekaterinburg.

Foundation of Jekaterinburg-city of Russia.

Jekaterinburg is not the ancient russian city. Jekaterinburg was founded at the beginning of the eighteenth century in 1723, by Peter the Great, after Saint. Ekaterina, patroness of empress Ekaterina (wife of emperor Peter I).

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