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Tours in Yekaterinburg, Russia: Yekaterinburg Tours

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1. Brief Tour Info about Yekaterinburg city tour:

If you want to look at sights of historical and cultural significance in Yekaterinburg, you are welcome to join this excursion. You will see the most beautiful architectural monuments, historical places and learn about Yekaterinburg history and culture.

Ekaterinburg map. Yekaterinburg on the Europe Map

Where is Ekaterinburg, Russia? See this Yekaterinburg Map on the Europe map and you will understand where Ekaterinburg is located. NOTE, Ekaterinburg sights real visit is much more interesting that virtual pages browse!

Ekaterinburg Russia on the World Map. Ekaterinburg map

Where is Ekaterinburg, Russia (Yekaterinburg, Jekaterinburg or Sverdlovsk)?

See Ekaterinburg map to get the answer. You can see Ekaterinburg. It is situated on the Europe-Asia Border.

Ekaterinburg Photos:

City center old water tower, Public Park of the Rastorguev-Kharitonov estate, Europe and Asia Boundary monument, Iset river embankment + undeveloped television tower.

Ekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk Oblast cities

This it the list of cities/towns of Sverdlovsk Oblast


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Learn more about Russian Money - Russian rubles (Roubles, RUR)

Ekaterinburg Tours: Tour to Europe & Asia Border in Ekaterinburg, Russia. Choose Ekaterinburg tours and Excursions

We are glad to offer you a few interesting Ekaterinburg tours of Russia here.

Ekaterinburg Tours. #1: Tour to Europe & Asia Border in Ekaterinburg

Don’t miss the chance to be in Europe and Asia at the same time. This tour will allow you to stand on the border of two great continents.
Our guide will take you to the border of Europe and Asia. The frontier between Europe and Asia goes near Ekaterinburg and crosses the part of the city’s territory. Now several signposts mark the Europe-Asia frontier.

Ekaterinburg Public Transport (Public Conveyances)

Ekaterinburg is one of the major hubs. Ekaterinburg has a well-developed transportation system. It is a big and important transport junction. Ekaterinburg is served by two airports the International Airport Koltsovo and the smaller local Uktus Airport. Ekaterinburg is an important railway junction of Trans-Siberian Railway, with 7 lines radiating to all parts of the Urals and other parts of Russia.
There is a system of public transport, including buses, trams, trolleybuses, taxies, route taxies and the Metro. Commuter railway and suburban buses connect Ekaterinburg with the satellite towns, villages and resorts. Ekaterinburg takes the 3d place by city passenger traffic after Moscow and St. Petersburg. The Metro system, trams, trolleybuses and buses connect all city’s districts and its suburbia.

Koltsovo: From Ekaterinburg Koltsovo Airport to Hotels or Apartments / Yekaterinburg-Kolsovo

This article is about How to go to Ekaterinburg hotels from Koltsovo Airport

Koltsovo International Airport in Ekaterinburg is the fifth largest airport of Russia.
1,4 million people are transported via airport Koltsovo annually. There are two terminals in the Yekaterinburg Airport. One terminal is for internal flights, another one is international terminal.
Koltsovo Airport is located 16 km southeast from Ekaterinburg (56°45′00″N, 60°48′18″E) and linked to the city by highways.
You can get Ekaterinburg by means of public transport, as well as by means of private transport.

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What foreigners don’t like in Russia?

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What foreigners don’t like in Russia? This question was addressed to an expert group of sociologists. They studied this question and presented their survey. According to the survey, foreigners face with several difficulties in Russia.

Ekaterinburg map, Ekaterinburg surroundings map / Find next Cities on Yekaterinburg map

Where is Ekaterinburg of Sverdlovsk Oblast? Visit this page with Ekaterinburg and surroundings Map. Find Ekaterinburg. It is the capital of Sverdlovsk Oblast and Ural Federal District. Find Pervouralsk, Kamensk-Uralsky, Revda, Verkhny Ufaley, Kyshtym, Kasli and other cities of the Ural region.

Flights to Ekaterinburg, Russia - Flights to Yekaterinburg Koltsovo

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Ekaterinburg of Russia has a unique geographical and political position. It links European and Asian parts, this factor defines strategic importance of Ekaterinburg airports. The main airport of Ekaterinburg is called Koltsovo, it is the gateway to Siberia.

Ekaterinburg International Airport Koltsovo (SVX) is the fifth biggest Russian airport. Its passenger traffic makes 1.4 million persons per year. About 3000 people work in the airport.
Koltsovo International Airport (close to Ekaterinburg) provides land service, monitoring of air transport, safety of flights, fueling of aircrafts, fuel storage and sale, aircraft technical service. Hotel accommodation and catering are also provided.

Ekaterinburg VS Sverdlovsk. Maybe Yekaterinburg?

Ekaterinburg AND Sverdlovsk in Russia

It is Russian city with many names ....

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